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About OUR company 

Baltimore, MD, United States  |  (443) 401-5841 

Who are we? 

We are passionate about what we do! RAVE is a company comprised of installation experts who have been installing and servicing audio video systems and equipment for over 20 years. We truly enjoy the relationships that we build with our clients. We specialize in customization during our installations and, if we can not purchase a piece of equipment, we will create one.

We pride ourselves in exceeding our customer's expectations by completing our jobs thoroughly, concluding with a precise cleanup. A job we did in the past comes to mind when I think about this. We were installing conduit in a Clean Room and had to penetrate two concrete walls. A particle count was taken before we started the install and then again after we were finished. The particle count after we were finished was 75% less than before we started the work. All of our trucks carry vacuums with Hepa filters which are battery powered so we do not have to look for power outlets. 

RAVE challenges itself to learn new and cutting-edge technologies and provide them for our customers. Our techs attend training and seminars on new products and concepts on a regular basis. We install these new technologies in our own homes before implementing them in yours so that we are familiar with them. While our focus is A/V we also install surveillance cameras, IP cameras, smart door locks, Alexa, smart thermostats, and other various technologies. We offer a software program called Simple Control that we can install on I-pads and I-phones to control everything.

We pride ourselves in exceeding customer deadlines/expectations. We understand the importance of schedules, and will work with you to meet your needs. It always blows our minds when other contractors are running behind their installation timeline and they are packing up and leaving at 2 pm. We will get there as early and stay as late as possible to keep your projects on schedule. Our phones are on 7 days a week to assist you with your needs.

We believe that service is one of the most important parts of our company. We make it our goal to assist you as quickly as we can. Some issues can be walked through and corrected over the phone, but there times where we will have to dispatch a tech. RAVE understands that having your systems operating smoothly are vital to your business and home. We try to maintain a reasonable variety of different equipment at our office to assist in getting your systems back to operation as soon as we can.

RAVE, unlike most of our competitors, is not trying to sell every client the same system. We understand the importance of listening to your needs and designing a system that will meet (and exceed) them. There are always multiple ways to make the same things happen. We offer and install systems - not equipment. It is critical for us to sit down with the end users, (those who will operate the system) instead of the middle man. The biggest complaint we regularly hear from our competitor's clients is that they never asked  the end users what they have used in the past or if there is any equipment that they especially liked. For commercial jobs - Do you need HDMI? Do you have VGA? We have a presentation system that will work for all users since it works with USB and also works from apps on phones and tablets.

Classrooms/ Conference Rooms/ Home Offices
We are a certified Mondopad Installer. Mondopad it the latest collaborative tool for your conference room or office. It features multi-point touch, 4K resolution, digital interactive whiteboard, and business class video conferencing. A Mondopad system has everything you need to visually present, capture, and share your ideas - right at your fingertips. We also have audio systems which allow the integration of several feeds into the same speaker. There is no longer a need to install three different speakers in the same area. This set up allows your audio system to auto select its feed. Typically we set it with the highest priority being emergency messages, the next would integrate with paging, concluding with the normal operation as cover music/presentation or local system music.